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Coaching and Consulting Client: Fanglu L 1.9.17

Kate is a great professional and thanks to her, I’ve done my next step in my career in the US. For personal reasons, I moved from Barcelona to New York, so my professional career had to start again in a new country. Although I had extensive experience in my field, I’ve never worked in the US so she helped me to understand the American market place, prepare interviews and find the right opportunities for my profile.

Kate listened to me and understood immediately my situation and knew how to help me to achieve my goal.

All in all, she helped me with the whole process from having the right resume, the interview preparation to the very end negotiations with the company I am now working at.
Getting Kate´s help has been the best investment I’ve made in my career so far. In less than two months I got my job in US.

Coaching and Consulting Client: Lydia H 10.8.14

I hired Kate as my career coach during a transition period in my career. After a successful and rewarding 13 year career, I found myself in an unhealthy work environment ten months into a new role at a new company. This situation was unlike anything I’d ever faced before and led my usually confident self to doubt my abilities. Ultimately, I made the difficult decision to leave the job without any new prospects. I had never been in the job market before and hired Kate to help me reenter the job market with confidence and clear objectives. Working with Kate immediately after I left my job helped me remain focused and didn’t allow me to get caught up in the emotional aspect of the situation. She asked questions that helped me find my own answers – helping me regain the confidence I previously had. I looked forward to sharing my successes and occasional setbacks with her on a weekly basis. With Kate’s guidance and questions over the course of five weekly sessions, I was able to achieve the following:

Rewrite my resume to focus on results
Identify and rank objectives for what I wanted in my next role
Strengthen interview skills by participating in mock interview sessions
List and reach out to target companies

Kate is an amazing listener and is professional and objective with her guidance. I cannot think of anything I would have wanted her to do differently.  

Coaching & Consulting Client: Joanne F 3.20.14

"I really couldn't hone in what I wanted to do with my career. There were three job options in front of me. I was nervous in how to approach each one of them. 

Having just came out of a bad relationship and a difficult breakup, Kate identified the source of my inability to focus on my career options. She asked me to take a different course of action and have me re-focus on working out my feelings of the breakup in order to make clear decisions on my job options.

The result was very freeing! Kate helped me recognize that personal life issues can become a major roadblock in making other important decisions in my life. She walked me through each week on how to address the pain I experienced and my need to be heard. This freed me to up to think more clearly on which job was better for me at this juncture in my life. I had no idea that when I went to seek her advice that I would end up working on my personal life. At the time, it was challenging, but in hindsight, it was surprisingly a wonderful time of growth with someone holding me accountable on a weekly basis. She was amazing."

Coaching Client: Shelly S* 5.8.13

"I was not growing or feeling challenged in my current job. I was also dealing with a supervisor who was very threatened and did not give me any responsibilities. I had a conversation with my supervisor's boss (VP of the department) as I had realized this within a couple months of being in the position but the situation did not change. I started to look at alternative job options and was not sure I was making the right decision. 

Kate was phenomenal in helping me explore my options in a positive way. She guided me to think about the issue and analyze it objectively. I decided to have a conversation again with my VP but this time, the approach was very focused. As my coach, Kate helped in streamlining my thoughts and guided me to think through the issue and how to present it. I prepared and presented a document to the VP with three parts- my responsibilities in the past jobs, things I would like to do in my current job, and suggestions to make the department better. The suggestions were presented in a way that would add value to the company. 

The VP loved this approach and totally appreciated it. She was very responsive to issues that were discussed and understood I was looking for more ownership. There were plans of restructuring the department during this time and this conversation with my supervisor's boss was a complete game changer for me. As a result of this communication, I now report directly to the VP and have complete ownership of certain categories of business. This would not have been possible without my coach's help and am very thankful to her. 

Kate is the absolute best and she always gives more than her 100% so really I have nothing to recommend she do better." 

*Shelly asked to use an alias as she has a unique/ recognizable first name.