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The easiest way to make the distinction is to understand coaching focuses on the present and future, seeking answers from within the client. Through a coaching process, the client will build awareness, confidence and motivation towards their goals. Coaching can be a very powerful tool, but is not a substitute for psychotherapy. 

Consulting will look at the present and future, as with coaching. Unlike coaching, a consultant will share his/her expertise with the client on a specific topic. Input is given to the client from the consultant. 

Therapy will delve into the client’s past to diagnose and apply a mental or behavioral need. ​

What kind of commitment is required for career coaching from me, the client?
In addition to your coaching sessions, there are assignments or action steps agreed to in your session that you will need to complete. A client who does not follow-up or complete their assignments is not committed to changing or solving their current challenges. As a client, you will need to be open to your coach’s questions, honest feedback, observations, new methods and suggestions. You will need to be honest, communicate freely and candidly with your coach. A coach cannot help someone who is not open to change or new ideas. 

What if I do not think coaching is right for me after I complete a couple of sessions?
I offer a refund on unused sessions for clients before completing their fourth session if they feel coaching is not for them. Complete details are in the coaching contract sent to each client prior to session one.

Do I need to hire a career coach that has been certified?
Coaching is not a regulated industry. Anyone can decide to become a coach without training. You can certainly hire a coach who has not been trained as long as you are comfortable with this person and feel s/he can help you reach your goals. Please be aware that coaching is a specialized process and some untrained coaches are not familiar with proper coaching techniques. 

Have you completed any training or been certified as a coach?
Yes! In addition to the twenty years of work experience in the retail industry, I am certified by the World Coach Institute as a Certified Professional Coach as well as a Certified Career Coach. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and have also completed a Leadership Development Program at the Center for Creative Leadership. 

Is everything from our sessions confidential?
Confidentiality is critical to our relationship. Our coaching sessions are strictly confidential. Any subject discussed and/or items shared, including such things as personal information, future plans, proprietary information, goals, job and company information, will remain confidential. There are two exceptions to the confidentiality agreement. The first is if your employer or parent is sponsoring your coaching and would like information regarding your sessions. If this is the case, you the client will have 100% awareness into disclosures before our coaching sessions. The second exception is if you threaten to harm yourself or another. If this is the case, I will notify your emergency contact and the proper authorities immediately.

How often should a coach and coachee meet?
It depends on the type of coaching you would like. For example, if there is a specific issue we may have a call once a week for five weeks. If you would like ongoing support from me with just development in mind, we may meet every two weeks. Coaching sessions are typically 30 minutes in length.

How do I choose a career coach?
I recommend interviewing several coaches to find someone who with you have a strong connection. 

Do I need to hire a career coach in my city or even my country?
No. Most coaching is done over the phone and via Skype. You and I can be anywhere in the world for our call. 

How much does coaching or consulting cost?
Click here to find my pricing page.

How can I pay?

Option 1- Mobile Money Transfer
Either your bank participates in clearXchange, or you can set up an account with clearXchange. Click here to see how it works. Click here to find out if your bank participates. You can transfer your payment using my mobile number: 646-528-6575

Option 2- Paypal
You will need to set up a Paypal account if you do not already have one. Click here to send payment through Paypal. ​My info for payment is: & 646-528-6575.

Option 3- Venmo
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