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Kibler Career Coaching and Consulting offers retail and fashion career consulting services to those individuals or groups that have completed at least one coaching session. I limit this service to those who I feel are confident and focused in what they want from their career in the retail, fashion or apparel field. You are already clear on the direction you want your fashion career to take, but need outside help and advice to support you getting there. I accept a limited number of clients for my retail career consulting services.

My coaching services pull out all of the information and success factors from within you while my consulting services give you input from my experience and knowledge base.

Career Consulting Services

Individual Job Search Consulting
Whether you are currently employed or unemployed and you are conducting a job search in the retail industry, I can help you. I focus on resume review, cover letter review, interview skills, networking skills, managing references, how to use LinkedIn and salary expectations. The “black hole” of online submissions can be incredibly frustrating. I will partner with you to make you a strong candidate for the position you desire. Clients are only accepted for consulting services after completing a coaching program. I want to be sure my clients are clear and focused on their goal before embarking on a job search. While I do have an extensive network of industry connections, I will only make introductions when I am sure there is a value add for both the client and the contact. 

Individual Fashion Career Consulting
After completing a coaching session to define where you want to be in your fashion career, what makes you happy, achieve work-life balance, or whatever your topic, I can help you give you the tools or information you do not already have on within you. For example, maybe you are interested in entering the fashion industry but don’t understand the functions and associated salaries. I can help give you a landscape of the industry and match your skills and goals to the right job function. I can help direct you towards companies that share your values. If you want to get to the next step in your current role, I can do a talent assessment to help build the skills you need to move up. 

Entrepreneurial Consulting
Once your company has established a vision and mission through the coaching process, I can help align your company in a cohesive direction, create specific responsibilities for your team, build strategic advantage, help build abbreviated business plans and determine the value proposition. 

Benefits from Career Consulting
My fashion career consulting services give my clients industry insider knowledge. I understand what recruiters are looking for and what it takes to get your foot in the door. I am at the forefront of industry trends in terms of business, organizations and product. With this knowledge comes the power to stand apart from the crowd. Excel in your career, business or job search. 

Why I Only Specialize in Fashion Career Consulting
Although I offer career coaching to professionals in any field, my industry expertise lies in the fashion, retail, and apparel field. 

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