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Kate Kibler- The Serious Professional Story

With over twenty years in the retail industry, I have held various Executive positions in the functions of merchandising, merchandise planning, ecommerce, marketing, design, wholesale sales and retail sales. My focus on building high performing teams, empowering employees and developing future leaders led me to pursue a business in career coaching with a focus on the fashion industry. The fashion industry has its own culture of social norms and expectations which requires a special understanding. Facilitating a successful entry into the fashion industry or helping an experienced executive achieve their full career potential is what inspires me in my coaching practice. My professional career includes experience with companies such as Caleres, Timberland, Under Armour, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Izod, and Lands’ End.

My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design from Philadelphia University and an MBA with specializations in Strategy and Corporate Finance from NYU Stern School of Business. I am a Certified Professional Coach as well as a Certified Career Coach. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and have also completed a Leadership Development Program at the Center for Creative Leadership.

Kate Kibler- The Fun and Emotional Story

I spent many years in corporate America and loved working in the fashion industry. In mid-2012 I found myself unwittingly on the job market. I had moved out of New York City less than two years earlier for an amazing job in Dodgeville WI. That’s right… I said Wisconsin. Shortly after my move to Wisconsin, my company had a management change and my new position was eliminated. My husband James and I put our newly purchased and renovated house on the market expecting it to take nine months to sell; it sold within two weeks. We were unemployed and homeless. My biggest fear had come to fruition.

I had no idea how I was going to fill my time. I had worked full time while earning both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I was a serial multi-tasker who never even went on spring break. What happened next surprised me. My husband and I spent two months on an epic cross-country road trip. We saw everything America had to offer. I didn’t miss working. We were happy. The next two months we spent on the east coast living with family and friends. This is when I started searching for my next job. I had never really looked for a job before; they had always just fallen into my lap. I realized I had to formulate a job search strategy and needed to develop a personal brand. This was a lot of work and an amazing learning period. I never realized how much of my self-esteem was connected to my career until this point.

James and I could not, as an adult married couple, stay with family and friends long-term. We decided to find monthly sublets around the country and regain a sense of independence. We spent a month in Austin, TX, a month in Santa Fe, NM, a month in San Clemente CA, and a month in Carpinteria CA. This is when I started to really feel alive. It was in Austin I would start writing a book detailing my experience from NYC to WI to unemployment, homelessness , travel and this great sense of freedom. It was also somewhere in the middle of this adventure when I realized my calling to become a career coach. We were in Santa Fe when I had about ten calls (in one month) from ex-colleagues and ex-employees in career crisis. I would work to give the caller clarity and give them the confidence they needed to achieve their goals; and sometimes I would just listen. It actually took one of my ex-employees to say- “you know, you should really do this professionally.” That was when I decided to become a Certified Career Coach.

With each set back I experienced in the prior year came a profound learning. I learned what I loved about working in the corporate world. I knew I would still be going back to the corporate world, but was excited about the idea of helping people reach their full potential in the retail industry through my private coaching and consulting practice. I realized my knowledge of the fashion industry and the skills I learned through my intense job search could benefit others. 

How I Work- Location
Almost all of my coaching sessions are done via the phone or Zoom. I can do our session in person, but there will be additional fees for my travel time and expenses.

Philanthropic Philosophy
10% of all profits from Kibler Career Coaching and Consulting will be donated to my favorite charities. To learn more, please click the links on the right.

Code of Ethics
I abide by the International Coaching Federation code of ethics.

Refund Policy
Refunds are not offered for introductory calls or no-shows. After a formal consulting or coaching relationship has begun and if either the client or I feel this coaching relationship is not beneficial to the client, our contract can be terminated between the first and the fourth session with a refund for the unfinished sessions. No refunds will be given thereafter.  

Privacy Policy
I will never sell or share your information with any third party without your prior consent.
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