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Kibler Career Coaching and Consulting is a high quality solution based company offering career coaching and consulting services. While I work with clients in a diverse range of industries, I specialize in the fashion and retail field. My background as an executive in the fashion industry will serve as a foundation for understanding your successes, frustrations and challenges. I am one of the few fashion career coaches who is a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Career Coach. My goal is to help you reach your full potential.

Career Coaching 
Coaching is a thought provoking process that helps a client reach their full potential in their career. In coaching, most of the answers come from within you, the client. I will act as a guide helping you build awareness and overcome obstacles to success. There is a strong sense of empowerment and achievement when clients see the outcome of coaching. I specialize in fashion career coaching, but have a wide range of clients in diverse fields.

Focus on the Retail Industry 
My understanding and involvement in the retail industry allows me to clearly focus you on your goals, issues and fashion career development. I understand what is realistic and unrealistic in this dynamic and fast paced business. Click here if you want to learn more about my experience and career in the retail and fashion industry. 

Fashion Career Consulting
My fashion career consulting services give my clients industry insider knowledge. I am at the forefront of industry trends in terms of business, organizations and product. With this knowledge comes the power to stand apart from the crowd. Excel in your fashion career, business or job search.

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Kibler Career Coaching and Consulting is committed to helping you reach your full potential

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